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Avoid Getting Stranded on the Machine Learning Roadside

A big reason purely electric car sales only reached 6% of new vehicle sales in Q3 2022 is the fear of running low on battery power and the lack of readily available fast-charging infrastructure. This […]

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Don't Fall for Fallback

With the passage of time, Fallback only gets worse. ML models are rapidly evolving, so the reference models of 2022 or 2023 will be replaced with newer, more accurate and more complex ML models in […]

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Quadric's GPNPU delivers benefits to both SoC developers and downstream software programmers, speeding both chip design and application development. Why Chip Designers Need a General Purpose Neural Processing Unit (GPNPU) The Rise of AI in […]

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YOLO Detection – Accelerating Non Maximal Suppression

In this blog post, quadric explores the acceleration of the Non-Maximal Suppression (NMS) algorithm used by object detection neural networks such as Tiny Yolo V3. We dive into the challenges of accelerating NMS, and why […]

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Algorithm Stories: 1D FFT

We want to drive home the point that along with Neural Network acceleration, we also accelerate data parallelism for classical algorithms, as well. We selected the Fourier Transform because of its historical and continued importance […]

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How the Quadric Architecture Works

The first in a series of Algorithm Stories. In this blog post, the first in a series, we would like to reinforce the idea that our architecture is code-driven. On our architecture overview page, we […]

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Quadric Meet Pi

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 + quadric Dev Kit Rewind to October of 2020. The pandemic is in full effect. Droves of stuck-at-home individuals were ready to jump into World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, only to be […]

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The Quadric Concept

The story of our brand. The quadric Concept What is a quadric? And what’s with the logo?  People ask this quite often. I wanted to put down a few thoughts on the matter and tie […]

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