Embedded Vision Summit 2023

Crowds Wowed With First Integrated ML + DSP Development System at Embedded Vision Summit

June 1, 2023

We demonstrated our Quadric Developer Studio at Embedded Vision Summit on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 22 and 23, 2023, at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

We’d like to say the crowds went wild, but when’s the last time you saw wild crowds at an industry trade show? However, we can say that we had wonderful discussions about the industry’s need for an integrated ML plus DSP development system. Until now, most neural processing units (NPUs) used for AI have been hard-coded inflexible hardware, and any programming changes had to be offloaded to a much slower DSP or CPU core.

Our DevStudio features a GUI for constructing complex signal chains mixing classic C++ code plus neural net graph code, uploading and compiling machine learning ONNX graphs, uploading and compiling C++ code, and simulating entire workloads. By merging neural network graphs and C++ code into one application, only one tools is required for scalar, vector, and matric computations.

Visitors enjoyed the opportunity to see the DevStudio up close and watch a demo. They had lots of questions because no other tool does this. They understood that it’s essentially impossible to get an NPU to run new code – and offloading that code to a DSP or CPU is inherently much, much slower.

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