Quadric Developer Studio

Cloud-hosted.  Collaborative.  Visual.  
Multi-modal (Graph Code & C++ Combined)

Build a complex  Signal chain

Build an application signal chain.  Choose from pre-existing menus of machine learning graphs and DSP building blocks.  Or upload and compile your own ONNX graphs and C++ code.

Visualize custom ONNX graphs & Create  custom operators

DevStudio users can upload custom ONNX graph files, compile using the Chimera Graph Compiler and visualize the entire network to see which graph operators are fully lowered by CGC and which novel operators may require a custom operator written in C++.   

DevStudio generates a template C++ operator source file for you to define operator behavior.

Find the right Chimera configuration for your sOC

Run simulation sweeps of potential hardware configurations and compare performance across varying on-chip memory and off-chip DDR bandwidth options.

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