The Quadric Concept

June 21, 2021

The story of our brand.

The quadric Concept

What is a quadric? And what’s with the logo? 

People ask this quite often. I wanted to put down a few thoughts on the matter and tie that concept with our brand. 

From Wikipedia:

In mathematics, a quadric or quadric hypersurface is the subspace of N-dimensional space defined by a polynomial equation of degree 2 over a field. Quadrics are fundamental examples in algebraic geometry. The theory is simplified by working in projective space rather than affine space. An example is the quadric surface 

Quadrics are the extension of conic functions in higher dimensions.  Spheres, ellipsoids, paraboloids are all shapes that can be described by quadric surfaces. By assembling them together, any complex body can be defined.  This elegant simplicity inspires us to rethink computer architecture for a computing machine that can perceive and interact with the world around us. Using simple computational and mathematical concepts constructed in innovative ways, we can achieve computational performance and scalability never seen before. We are quadric.

I won’t bore you with the math, but we also think they LOOK cool. And the idea of capturing multi-dimensional information in a few coefficients is pretty cool as well. In fact, our initial requirements for logo concepts required: “A 2d projection of a hyperbolic paraboloid stylized to look good in 2d.” Our initial logo looked like this:

The original (2017) quadric logo

We received a lot of feedback that it wasn’t distinct enough for some other logo, the details of which are outside of the scope of this post. So when we initially launched more information about the company in 2019, we decided to redesign the logo. We were then put in touch with the guys over at Meadow Design, and they immediately understood what we needed. We came up with the logo you see today. It was love at first sight. The idea that the logo was a 2d projection of a 3d surface could finally be realized, but not yet! 

From our brand book:

The source of the logo begins with a hyperbolic paraboloid quadric surface. The surface is trimmed, projected in 2 dimensions, and frames the text mark. The resulting logo evokes feelings of performance and futurism befitting of a premium computer hardware brand.

The 3d -> 2D description from our Brand Book

And the logo from the redesign:

Redesigned (2019) quadric logo.

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