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Quadric in the US has Introduced a Family of General-Purpose Neural Processors (GPNPUs) that Combine a Neural Processing Accelerator with Full C++ Programmability of a Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
(Nov 2, 2022) EENews Europe - A significant advantage of this new architecture is that neural network graphs and C++ code are merged into a single software code stream. Only one tool chain is required for scalar, vector, and matrix computations. Memory bandwidth is optimized by a single unified compilation stack that helps result in significant power minimization.
Quadric Chimera GPNPU IP Combines NPU, DSP, and Real-time CPU into One Programmable Core
(Nov 2, 2022) Embedded Systems News - According to Quadric, the main benefit of such design is simplifying system-on-chip (SoC) hardware design and subsequent software programming once the chip is available thanks to a unified architecture for machine learning inference as well as pre-and-post processing. Since the core is programmable it should also be future-proof.
Quadric's Chimera Blends Neural Processing and Digital Signal Processing for Performance and Ease
(Nov 2, 2022) - Designed to do everything an ML accelerator and a DSP can do simultaneously, the Chimera promises to make developers lives easier.
Quadric's Chimera GPNPU IP Blends NPU and DSP to Create a New Category of Hybrid SoC Processor
(Nov 1, 2022) SemiWiki - What if there is a way to offer PPA optimization, future proofing, ease of product development and ease of application development, all rolled into one offering? A hybrid processor IP that simplifies SoC hardware design and programming. An unified architecture that addresses ML inference, pre-processing and post-processing all-in-one.
Quadric Appoints Former Cadence VP Dhanendra Jani as New VP of Engineering
(Oct 11, 2022) BusinessWire - Jani brings more than 30 years of processor design and management experience at Intel, Tensilica, and Cadence. He has led design teams developing control processors (CPUs), neural network processors (NPUs), and digital signal processors (DSPs). Jani holds a Masters of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech and a Bachelors of Electrical Engineering degree from VJTI, University of Bombay. raises $15M to build a plug-and-play supercomputer for autonomous systems
TechCrunch -, a startup founded by some of the folks behind the once-secretive bitcoin mining operation “21E6,” has raised $15 million in a Series A round that will fund the development of a supercomputer designed for autonomous systems. The round was led by automotive Tier 1 supplier DENSO a…
How edge supercomputing will transform the great data deluge
Embedded - With the explosion of internet of things (IoT) technology and sensors over the past decade, one thing has become clear: there is currently no easy way to...
Quadric Announces New Architecture for On-Device AI
Embedded Computing - Quadric introduced a unified silicon and software platform that is designed to provide on-device AI.
Quadric Hybrid Architecture Takes On AI, Computer Vision
EE Times - Quadric has optimized its architecture for both AI and standard computer vision algorithms aimed at edge applications.
Quadric brings hybrid approach to edge AI processing
Fierce Electronics - Another day, another semiconductor company talking about its own take on AI processing at the edge. | Quadric combines processing for classic and AI algorithms one its new architecture.
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