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IP Becoming More Complex, More Costly

(May 25, 2023) SemiEngineering - “The core tenet of the IP industry is reuse. That means repeatedly delivering the same block over and over again, which means planning for a design element to be used in different system architectures, in different market segments, under different conditions," said Dhanendra Jani, VP Engineering, Quadric.

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

(May 16, 2023)  SemiEngineering - Quadric introduced the Quadric Developer Studio, an online collaborative development environment for Chimera general-purpose neural processing unit (GPNPU) processors. Quadric DevStudio speeds software development with the industry’s first integrated machine learning (ML) plus digital signal processing (DSP) development system.

The Benefits of a Unified HW/SW Architecture for AI with Quadric's Nigel Drego

(April 28, 2023) SemiWiki - Dan explores the unique and unified HW/SW architecture developed by Quadric with Nigel Drego. The benefits of a single architecture programmable approach to on-chip AI is explained, along with specific examples of how to adapt the system to various AI processing challenges.

Nightmare Fuel: The Hazards of ML Hardware Accelerators

(Apr 13, 2023) SemiEngineering - The bottom line – a hardwired accelerator optimized in 2017 for ResNet would be fundamentally broken – almost useless – in trying to run today’s SOTA ML model. History is bound to repeat.

AI Benchmarks are Broken

(Mar 14 2023) SemiEngineering - AI inference benchmarks, such as MLPerf’s, do not represent all of the facets of AI compute relevant to application developers. Further, they distract SoC designers from optimizing performance for end-to-end AI applications that will enable them to capture the fast-growing AI hardware market. For the entire AI compute, there are at present no standardized benchmarks.

Safety, Security, And Reliability Of AI In Autos

(Feb 22 2023)SemiEngineering - Dollars going into R&D, and eventually deployment, have been increasing rapidly over the past few years. In automotive, there are billions of lines of code that need to be updated every few months to keep up with new software new models. For that you have to secure the entire system.

AI's Impact on Automobiles Remains Uncertain

(Feb 15 2023)SemiEngineering - Automotive is almost like a data center in that the software requirements, the models, that you run today will be completely different from what you might want to run 10 years from now. So the hardware being deployed must be powerful and flexible enough to handle different models and pre- and post-processing tasks and stochastics.

The Next Disruption

(Feb 9 2023)SemiEngineering - Generative ML models – such as Stable Diffusion 2.0 and DALL-E – are poised to radically shakeup the established, boring ubiquitous platforms powering desktops, laptops, and most tablets.

Where and Why AI Makes Sense in Cars

(Feb 2 2023)SemiEngineering - Full self-driving has always been something that’s coming in the future... When we say full self-driving, with no steering wheel, it’s going to be at least 10 to 15 years from today, based on the companies we talk with and the kinds of chipsets they want to drive those algorithms.

Selecting The Right RISC-V Core

(Jan 16, 2023) SemiEngineereing - Building hardware prototypes is more than 10 to 50 times more time-consuming than creating a SystemC model of a subsystem or entire SoC. The SystemC virtual prototype generally runs fast enough to answer performance questions.

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