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Where and Why AI Makes Sense in Cars

(Feb 2 2023)SemiEngineering - Full self-driving has always been something that’s coming in the future... When we say full self-driving, with no steering wheel, it’s going to be at least 10 to 15 years from today, based on the companies we talk with and the kinds of chipsets they want to drive those algorithms.

Selecting The Right RISC-V Core

(Jan 16, 2023) SemiEngineereing - Building hardware prototypes is more than 10 to 50 times more time-consuming than creating a SystemC model of a subsystem or entire SoC. The SystemC virtual prototype generally runs fast enough to answer performance questions.

Will Floating Point 8 Solve AI/ML Overhead?

(Jan 13, 2023) SemiEngineering - Six or eight years ago when models began to explode in size (parameter count), the sheer volume of shuffling weight data into and out of training compute (either CPU or GPU) became the performance limiting bottleneck in large training runs. Faced with a choice of ever more expensive memory interfaces, such as HBM, or cutting bit precision in training, a number of companies experimented successfully with lower-precision floats. Now that networks have continued to grow exponentially in size, the exploration of FP8 is the next logical step in reducing training bandwidth demands.

Growing System Complexity Drives More IP Reuse

(Jan 12, 2023) SemiEngineering - If headcount can’t grow, the use of IP must grow to speed up the design process. That, in turn, leads companies to focus on their real sources of value-add and differentiation, not their hoped-for sources of differentiation.

Edge Computing and the Internet of Things: Why Xerox Ventures is Investing in the Future of Autonomy

(Jan 11, 2023) Medium - Quadric caught our attention because they took a software-first approach to its edge AI chips, creating an architecture that controls data flow and enables all software and AI processing to run on a single programmable core. This eliminates the need for other ancillary processing and software elements and blends the best of current processing methods to create a single, optimized general purpose neural processing unit (GPNPU).

Operator Anxiety - Avoid Getting Stranded on the Machine Learning Roadside

(Jan 11, 2023) SemiEngineering - Running a new ML operator on a slow DSP or CPU is the equivalent of charging your EV with an extension cord plugged into a 110V wall socket. What you want for your EV is an 800 Volt fast charger that tops off the battery in 20 minutes, not a low voltage, low amperage wall socket that needs 18 hours to recharge your car.

Quadric and ams OSRAM Collaborate to Bring Intelligent Image Sensors’ Demonstration to CES

(Jan 6, 2023) AIThority - Those leading-edge smart vision functions can be embedded in a single combined sensor and processing module in a host of innovative product form factors in automotive, consumer, industrial and applications.

Emerging Startups 2022: Top AI Infrastructure Startups

(Dec 15, 2022) Tracxn - AI Infrastructure sector is one of the most active sectors for investors, with an overall funding of USD 47B in 1.31K companies. It is also interesting to note that more than one third of the funding has been raised in the last 3 years (2019-2021).

The 10 Hottest Semiconductor Startup Companies Of 2022

(Dec 9, 2022) CRN - CRN rounds up chip companies making their mark on 2022 despite a turbulent economic situation unfolding. Quadric raised $21 million in October in a Series B round.

Don’t Let Your ML Accelerator Vendor Tell You The ‘F-Word’

(Dec 8, 2022) SemiEngineering - The Achilles’ heel – the fatal flaw – of this approach is the assumption that Fallback is rare and not performance-critical. But a closer look at the approach reveals Fallback to be a naughty word – a new F word to be avoided at all costs.

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